The Story Of Rama And Shinta In The Kecak Dance

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The Story Of Rama And Shinta In The Kecak Dance.

The natural beauty of the island of Bali can make anyone amazed. In Bali, tourists can also enjoy legends that have been told for generations. Moreover, the legend is packaged in the beauty of art so that it can be easily understood. Like the story of Rama and Shinta in the Kecak Dance. Do not miss to see this performance while on vacation to Bali!

Kecak dance is played by 50 dancers. The center of the circle of dancers are usually lit by a fire. In fact, in the middle of the dance, there is the attraction of jumping and approaching the blazing fire. The Kecak dance has been created since the 1300s by Wayan Limbak. Wayan Limbak was assisted by a German painter, Walter Spies. Initially, the Kecak Dance was inspired by the Sanghyang Dance. Some stories are told in the dance, such as the story of Rama and Shinta on Ramayana. It is called kecak ’because the dancer voices ‘ cak..cak..cak ’ in tune with body movements. All Kecak dancers move their hands in unison. Movement and sound struck a large amount of energy. The jingle ornament also adds to the atmosphere of the dance becoming increasingly magical. The rattles are mounted at the feet of all the dancers, you know. So, movement, pounding, and musical rattles in unison. 

The Kecak dance tells a piece of the Ramayana story. The part of the story that is played is the fragment of Goddess Shinta kidnapped by King Rahwana. In the circle of Kecak dancers, there will be dancers who play the characters in the story. Like Rama, Shinta, Rahwana, Hanoman, and Sugriwa.

The heroic fragment of Rama's story while saving Shinta illustrates the sacred value. Kecak dance, besides being presented as entertainment, is also an opening dance during religious ceremonies. Usually,  dancers will be possessed and can communicate with the gods and ancestors. A possessed dancer will become a medium if a god or ancestor wants to convey something to the community. When possessed, they will also take action unexpectedly. For example, doing dangerous movements or making sounds that are different from the original voice of the dancer.

In Uluwatu, Kecak Dance is usually performed for about 30 minutes. You can choose the performance time just before sunset. If it coincides with that time, the yellowish sun panorama will be the setting of the show. So, prepare your time so you can see the amazing art and natural scenery. In other places, you can also enjoy Kecak Dance. For example, in Batubulan Village located in Gianyar Regency.
Whenever you’re on holiday in Bali, Kecak Dance can be one of the lists of shows that you enjoy. Besides this mass dance, there are also Pendet Dance, Legong Dance, and other entertaining dances. Very interesting, right? So, be sure to watch an art performance during your holiday in Bali!