The Tradition Of Sharing Happiness After Galungan And Kuningan, Mesuryak

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  • Tabanan, Bali


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The Tradition Of Sharing Happiness After Galungan And Kuningan, Mesuryak.

Tradition is practiced based on experience and trust. The same is true of traditions in Bali. Derived from ancestors, Mesuryak is one of the traditions held after celebrating Galungan and Kuningan. After commemorating the two religious events, the people of Bongan Village in Tabanan Regency carried out a unique tradition.

Mesuryak is a tradition held by the residents of Bongan Village, in this tradition the people fight over the money thrown. The contested money was thrown by a citizen. This procession is quite exciting, even though it's 'scrambling' to get money, but a cheerful atmosphere can be felt from laughter and shouting. This procession has deep meaning, you know! 

Mesuryak comes from the word suryak which means cheering or squealing. By shouting and cheering, the citizens have ushered in their ancestors who have not reached ultimate happiness. The Mesuryak tradition is carried out when the sun is full of energy. Or rather at 09.00 to 12.00 WITA. 

The tradition begins after the temple prayer. The offerings to go to Swarga Loka have been prepared in front of the gates of each person's house. The offerings, or called banten pengadegan, contain rice, eggs, and pis bolong. This kepeng or pis bolong money is also used in the death ceremony. The amount of kepeng money for the provision of the ancestors that have not been adjusted to the abilities of each family. After all the offerings have been prepared, the excitement of throwing action and fighting over each other takes place. 

The Mesuryak tradition is also a symbol of prosperity. Not the amount of money thrown into account, but the magnanimity and gratitude that determine one's prosperity.