Trunyan Village Tourism: Unique Vacation At The Cemetery

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  • Trunyan, Kintamani, Bangli


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Trunyan Village Tourism: Unique Vacation At The Cemetery.

Interesting and unforgettable experiences can be obtained from unique vacation themes. For example by visiting Trunyan Village. In the village, there is a mystical cemetery. Although it sounds scary, this cemetery is different from any other cemeteries in general. This place is a cultural tourism destination, so don't miss it.

Trunyan Village is located on the edge of Lake Batur. Precisely in Bangli Regency, Kintamani District. Because it is located in the mountains, the air feels very cool. Well, Trunyan Village is the place where the Bali Aga tribe lives. They are the oldest tribe in Bali. This village is famous for its unique way to ‘bury’ a body. The bodies of the deceased villagers aren’t buried like in a public cemetery. However, the bodies are left in an open area. The bodies will go through several processions first, which is called Mepasah.

The Mepasah procession is only performed for those who have died after married. For the bodies of children and single people, the Mepasah procession could still be carried out but with certain conditions: they should have teeth that have fallen out naturally. While for those who died in an accident or any unnatural conditions, they will be buried as usual, like in a public cemetery.

In the Trunyan Cemetery, there are three different locations, namely Sema Wayah, Sema Bantas, and Sema Nguda. Sema Wayah is an open place to put the body through the procession of Mepasah. Sema Bantas is the location for buried bodies. While Sema Nguda is a burial site for the bodies that will be going through Mepasah procession and buried.

If you travel to the Trunyan cemetery, you will see the skulls and bones of the corpse lying on the ground. Relax, you won’t smell any kind of bad odor, thanks to the Taru Menyan Tree which neutralizes the scent of the bodies. The tree, which has hundreds of years old, emits sandalwood scent so that the odor won’t smell bad.

The cemetery is only one of the uniqueness owned by Trunyan Village. Other traditions, such as the Barong Brutuk dance, are also interesting to be learned. Plus, the mysterious Taru Menyan tree that attracts several people from other fields besides culture, such as biology and chemistry. The tree is often investigated about the phenomenon of fragrant scent in the midst of many bodies.

To get to Trunyan Village, you must cross Lake Batur by using a traditional boat or speedboat. From Denpasar, it takes approximately 3 hours. The trip will be quite tiring, but you can spend the night around the lake.

Lake Batur is also a tourist spot for those of you who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere. With its beautiful landscapes, you can also witness the amazing sunrise and sunset on the banks of the lake. In the Lake Batur area, there is also a hill to enjoy the sunrise, which is called Bukit Pinggan.

Do you want to enjoy all the uniqueness of Trunyan Village and its surroundings? Then prepare your schedule and check the list of destinations that you can visit.