Taru Menyan: The Sacred Tree In The Trunyan Village Cemetery

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Taru Menyan: The Sacred Tree In The Trunyan Village Cemetery.

Trunyan Village is one of the Bali Aga villages that has a unique tradition. The local people who died were not buried, but placed in a row under the taru menyan tree. These bodies did not emit a foul odor at all, because of the existence of this tree is able to eliminate the foul odor that usually appears from the corpse. How could it be? Let's read the following explanation.

Taru Menyan Tree

Taru Menyan is a tree that you can only find in Trunyan Village. Various methods have been used by the community to plant this tree outside the village, but without success. Local people believe that the age of this tree has reached hundreds of years. In fact, other sources say that this old tree is 1,000 years old. So that makes this tree the oldest tree in Bali. No one knows for sure how this tree can be in Trunyan Village. The Taru Menyan tree has a large trunk, also soars high and tendrils that spread in various directions with green leaves that are very, very lush. It is said that, the Taru Menyan tree can stand firm because it takes nutrients from the bodies placed under it.

The tradition of putting the dead bodies of Trunyan villagers who have died under this tree has been done for a long time. This is a hereditary tradition. Amazingly like we said above, you won’t smell any odor at all while in the burial area! You can only smell the fragrance from the tree. The community believes that this tree absorbs the odor from the corpse, then emits it in the aroma of sandalwood. This factor makes the Trunyan Tree become sacred, both for the outside community and the village.

Usually, you will sense a dark atmosphere when visiting a funeral. However, that impression won’t be felt when you come to the burial area in the Trunyan Village. On the contrary, the people of Trunyan Village consider that this area is maintained cleanly, both in terms of the inner and outer. Because, there are some restrictions that you must obey when you visit the place. Such us don't litter and spit carelessly, and you aren’t allowed to think of something bad when you are there. The existence of bones and skulls in the surrounding area also don’t reduce the attractiveness of this magical tree.