Taru Menyan Tree: The Sacred Tree In The Trunyan Village Cemetery

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Taru Menyan Tree: The Sacred Tree In The Trunyan Village Cemetery.

Trunyan Village is one of place where the Bali Aga tribes live. In the village, there is a unique tradition: people who died were not buried but placed under the Taru Menyan Tree. Although the bodies were left in an open space, it didn’t emit a foul odor. It’s thanks to the existence of the Taru Menyan Tree, which is able to eliminate unpleasant odors. Let's look at the explanation below.
The Taru Menyan tree can only be found in Trunyan Village. Various ways have been carried out by local residents to plant the tree outside the village, but to no avail. Taru means tree and Menyan means scented. So it is Taru Menyan means a tree that emits fragrance. They said, the fragrant scent spread by the Taru Menyan Tree can be smelled as far as Java Island. In some areas in Indonesia, there are also trees that can give off scented aromas. The name is almost the same, namely Kemenyan. Well, this incense is widely cultivated in North Sumatra, North Tapanuli, and Central Tapanuli. These trees are included in the Boswellia type.
However, the trees are different from the Taru Menyan Tree in Trunyan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The Taru Menyan tree can only be found in one area. Local people believe that the age of this tree is hundreds of years old. In fact, other sources say that this large, old tree is a thousand years old and is said to be the oldest tree in Bali. No one knows for sure when the Taru Menyan Tree began to grow. The trunk is large and towering, while the leaves are very lush with tendrils spread in various directions. It is said that, the Taru Menyan tree can stand firm because it takes nutrients from the bodies placed under it.
The tradition of placing a body under a tree has been carried down for generations. Many visitors are surprised that they don't smell any unpleasant odor. On the contrary, they will smell a sandalwood fragrance that comes from the tree. The local people believe that this tree absorbs the odor from the corpse, then emits sandalwood scent. The Taru Menyan Tree considered sacred, both by the local community or by the people outside the village.
Scientifically, the process of burial in Trunyan Village is uncommon. Temperatures in the tomb area range from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius. Well, due to low-temperature conditions, the decomposition of the corpse will be slow. Not to mention the added chemical elements from the leaves, stems and roots of the Taru Menyan Tree.
You will feel the mystical atmosphere in the cemetery. In some places, you will see a real human skeleton. Sometimes, you can also see the whole body of the newly deceased. Although it feels mystical, the Trunyan Village Cemetery area is very clean and well-maintained. Well, maintaining cleanliness is a requirement to be able to survive without obstacles on the way home. Before visiting, be sure not to think or say bad words in the cemetery.
If you want to feel the cool air with a slightly mystical atmosphere, then you can plan to fill your vacation to the Trunyan Village. Trunyan Village is located on the edge of Lake Batur. To go to the Trunyan Cemetery area, you need to enter the Kintamani tourist area first. After that, follow the directions to the Penelokan Pier. Arriving at the dock, you will be offered two types of ships that can take you across. Speedboat costs approximately IDR 700,000, while manually-supported paddleboats are rented for IDR 500,000. The crossing from Penelokan Pier to Trunyan only takes 15 to 20 minutes. Don't forget to obey the rules during your holiday!.