Welcoming The New Agro Tourism In Abiansemal Village

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  • Desa Abiansemal Dauh Yeh Cani, Badung


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Welcoming The New Agro Tourism In Abiansemal Village.

Abiansemal Village, Bali, indeed has many interesting tourist attractions to visit. Not many tourists know the great potential of this place. However, this hidden tourism potential is planned to be raised by the local community. Through community empowerment and Village-Owned Enterprises, Abiansemal Village people plan to build a new tourism village.

This new tourism will raise the theme of agro-tourism. The tourist attraction area will be divided into three regions, namely the upstream or northern part with water tourism, the middle part with agro-tourism, and the downstream or southern part will be used as supporting tourist attractions.

In the upstream part, the tourism object will be developed in the Tukad Yeh Penet river which stretches on the western edge of Abiansemal Village. This river is also directly adjacent to the Mengwi District.

In the river, there are three springs that will be developed with two large sizes and one medium size. Water tourism is also an icon and the origin of the name of the village Abiansemal Dauh Yeh cani. Rides to be built include a public swimming pool, yoga studio, tubing rafting, stretching, and sling sot.

Meanwhile, in the middle to the south of the village, agro tourism will be built. Currently, 25 hectares of paddy fields are available and ready to be developed into agro-tourism. There, trekking paths in the middle of rice fields and rivers will also be built. The path will also be decorated by a variety of plants. The concept of agro-tourism is done together with local farmers. So, the visitors can pick themselves and enjoy the fruits on the land.

Local farmers have given up their land to become a tourist area. Thus, the village government will replace all agricultural needs. The calculation starts from the seeds and rice yields per year. But in exchange, the farmers must plant crops that are needed by tourists.

The presence of this tourism village is certainly expected to be an added value and improve the community's economy. Especially in Abiansemal Village Dauh Yeh Cani, because the village farmers will be professionally involved by the Village Owned Enterprises. This new tourism village will certainly give a new face to the tourism sector in Badung Regency, which is expected to attract foreign and local tourists to come visit.