Coral Reefs in Celukan Bawang Water: Home for Newly Found Species of Fish

Coral Reefs in Celukan Bawang Water: Home for Newly Found Species of Fish

Posted by: nesia | Thursday, 17 October 2019

Coral Reefs in Celukan Bawang Water: Home for Newly Found Species of Fish


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When biodiversity can live well in one area, it means there is a balance in nature. Several new species of fish have been discovered based on the observation that occurred in 25 places, from Southern part of Nusa Dua to Gilimanuk until Tulamben Beach. The presence of this new species in Bali shows that the seawater condition has improved, compared to 20 years ago. So, what kind of new species that can be found in this Island of Gods, specifically in Celukan Bawang water, North Bali?

Based on observations, there are 70 new species of ornamental fish that coming from 29 families, including Acanthuridae, Serranidae, and Labridae. These three fish families are often considered having economic value. Besides, ornamental fish are also called target fish. Since it is captured to full fill economical needs as well as for ornamental purpose. The family of Chaerodontidae, for example is also found in Celukan Bawang water. This family of fish is classified as indicator fish, whose function as a parameter to indicate whether the coral reef ecosystem good or bad. Since its existence are found in Nort Bali’s water, then it proves that coral reefs grow fertile here.

Various families of fish that live in Celukan Bawang water interact with their ecosystems. Like eating algae that grows as much as 6% in one of the observation stations. Growth of the algae also indicates that the ecosystem is in a good health. Besides algae, other biota also helps the availability of food for fish as well. The coral reefs that live and thrive in this water also do the symbiosis with various types of fish and form colonies.

Since the new coral reefs are living in the conservation area. There are 96 types of living coral growing in this water. Water quality, good temperature, and sunlight for photosynthesis are some good aspects that can affect the growth of the reefs. These three things support the growth of new coral colonies becomes Meandroid and Dendroid shape that are found in Celukan Bawang water. Dendroid shapes belong to the Acroporidae tribe with Acropora genus. The shape of its skeleton branches is diverse. The majority of these reefs are yellowish-white. This Acropora suharsonoi types of reefs are rarely found. It often found only around Bali and Lombok with 4 meters under sea level. For your information, this reef tribe that lives in Celukan Bawang water is considered as a more primitive Acropora than the other types.

Meanwhile, the Meandroid shape is classified as Poritidae and belongs to Goniopora genus. Goniopora lobata that grows in Celukan Bawang, forms short, dark brown and light brown colons. This reef is easily found in Indonesia’s deep ocean.

Not only coral reefs, but other various biotas also build a shared ecosystem in Celukan Bawang water. They do the symbiotic in order to support each other.

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