Rules About Reducing the Use of Plastics in Bali: Say No to Plastic!

Rules About Reducing the Use of Plastics in Bali: Say No to Plastic!

Posted by: nesia | Thursday, 22 August 2019

Rules About Reducing the Use of Plastics in Bali: Say No to Plastic!


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The issue of plastic recently is quite disturbing to the global community. Plastic as garbage requires a long time to be processed naturally, even categorized as inorganic waste that cannot be recycled. The recycling process requires technological innovation. In the end, it requires further attention to restrictions on use and processing.

Did you know that on December 21, 2018, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, issued Governor Regulation No. 97 of 2018 concerning the Limitation of Disposable Plastic Waste? This regulation was issued to create a clean Balinese nature. In accordance with the vision of the Province of Bali itself, which is to develop the Balinese manners of life, organize the area and environment that is green, beautiful and clean in order to maintain the majesty and sanctity of Bali's nature. 

In the regulation, there are three objects made of plastic material which are prohibited from using them. Namely, plastic bags, polystyrene (styrofoam), and plastic straws. In addition, the contents of the regulations also explain that every producer, supplier distributor, and every business actor is prohibited from producing, distributing, supplying, and providing a replacement for Disposable Plastics (PSP). Instead, these parties are required to replace the PSP with materials that are more environmentally friendly. 

Not only that, but Governor Koster also appealed to all parties in Bali to support the government by disseminating this governor's regulation, while implementing it in daily life. 

So, for tourists who are going on vacation in Bali, they should participate in taking care of Bali's nature by obeying the governor's regulations. If you want to buy objects in traditional markets and modern markets, then don't forget to bring your own shopping bag. Also, bring an aluminum straw if you want to hang out in the cafe. 

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