The Balinese Hindu Prepare for the Victory on The Galungan Day

The Balinese Hindu Prepare for the Victory on The Galungan Day

Posted by: nesia | Monday, 22 July 2019

The Balinese Hindu Prepare for the Victory on The Galungan Day


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Balinese Hindu Galungan Ceremony that celebrated every 210 days is the ceremony that commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, or good over evil. This ceremony is being held with fully preparation. Before the ceremony, on July 24th 2019 the Balinese Hindu will prepare various kind of ornament and traditional culinary. One of the ornament is Penjor. Penjor is a decoration made from Janur or yellow coconut leaves. Beside decorating the house, what else that the Balinese Hindu do to celebrate the triumph?

Three days before Galungan is called Penyekeban Day. Even though it is still three days ahead, on Penyekeban people starts to prepare the fruits. These fruits will be used for the offering. Those fruits will be saved or disekeb so it will be perfectly ripe for offering on the day of Galungan. Aside from it, the Balinese Hindu also prepare to control themselves from the negative things.

According to Lontar Sundarigama, on Radite Paing day, Sang Hyang Kala Tiga comes down to earth for eat and drink. So, several days before Galungan day, the Hindus should be restraint themselves from Adharma’s character of Sang Bhuta Galungan.

One day after Penyekeban, the Balinese Hindu then celebrated what so called Penyajaan. On this day, people will make traditional Balinese snack. Jaje uli and tape are the most popular among all. Jaje Uli has shaped like a cake made from boiled sticky rice, that mixed with coconut milk and other ingredients that pounded until the texture becomes soft. Tape is also made from sticky rice which has gone through the fermentation process.

The entire preparation above are presented on Galungan Day. The triumph has been approached through the beautiful chant of prayer and spell that is heard in every shrine. What is the special moment here, actually? It is that, purity and truth are fought by refraining from doing bad and harmful things.

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