5 Interesting Facts About Street Food In Bali

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5 Interesting Facts About Street Food In Bali.

Each food in Bali has its own uniqueness. Balinese foods are cooked using special spices, so you have to try some when you’re on holiday on that island. In Bali, you can find various food stalls and vendors easily on the streets. Particularly in Denpasar, because in the tourists’ area, there are so many kinds of street food. Before you try it, let’s read 5 interesting facts about street food in Bali below!

1. The Best Food on the CEOWORLD Magazine’s Version

The magazine released an article based on a survey of 92,000 tourists and 1,400 travel agent companies in 86 countries. Based on the survey, Bali has a variety of tasty street food. Sate lilit and nasi campur with various side dishes such as lawar are the most favorite food among tourists. Street food in Bali is juxtaposed with 50 street food from other countries. Namely Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Rome, Tel Aviv and other countries including France and Japan.

2. Preserve Tradition

Balinese people are famous for their preserved tradition, including on how they cook their food. Small stalls on the side of the road also still maintain the tradition of food processing. For example, they’re using lemongrass stems to cook sate lilit, also herbs and spices to cook chicken betutu.

3. Known for Its Spicy Taste

The majority of Balinese food stalls sell spicy food. Because it uses a base genep, including chili and pepper as seasoning. Even so, there are also some foods that are not spicy. If you don't like spicy food, you can ask the seller and choose the non-spicy foods. Anyway, sambal matah is an iconic sambal of Balinese cuisine. Even if you don't like spicy food, you have to try it.

4. Wrapped and Eat Using Hands

Have you ever tried eating with your fingers or without using a spoon and fork? So when you are in Bali you should try it. Usually, street food stalls do not provide spoons. So, you have to eat with your hands. Quite exciting, but if you're not used to it, you’ll take quite a long time to adjust. It's not difficult, just by pressing the thumb with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger. The four fingers are used to take food. Besides eating with your hand, foods like jingo rice will be wrapped in banana leaves, which will increase the delicious aroma of the food.

5. Hygienic

From the way they serve and display the food, you will know that the street food stalls in Bali are very clean. So, you don't need to worry, you can see it yourself.

From the 5 facts above, it can be concluded that street food in Bali is worth trying. So, plan your trip and let’s try it!