Combined With The Rural Atmosphere In Sulangai Village

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  • Desa Sulangai, Kecamatan Petang


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Combined With The Rural Atmosphere In Sulangai Village.

The beauty of Bali is unlimited. Various destinations can be visited with all its uniqueness. For example, Sulangai Village in Petang District, Badung Regency. This village has various tourist sites which are located nearby. From waterfalls to agro-tourism that supplies turmeric. Tourist attractions with a rural atmosphere, the aroma of cloves and other crops will be smelled at every step.

Sulangai Village is located on the central part of Bali Island. From Ngurai Rai International Airport, it is 51 kilometers away, or spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes of normal traffic. That means, Sulangai Village is not far from the city center. In fact, it’s also close from the other tourist attractions. As from Sangeh Monkey Forest, it only takes about 30 minutes. In addition to the forest which is overgrown with nutmeg trees, Sulangai Village is also close to Lake Bedugul. Because it is close to other tourist attractions, you have to save a lot of energy so you can stop by at selected tourist attractions.

The natural beauty of Sulangai Village is indeed enchanting. But it is not only nature that will captivate the hearts of tourists who stop by this village. Some building architecture, culture, art and games also will make your vacation colorful.

In Sulangai Village, there are several temples or shrines which are the destination of visitors with various backgrounds. People come to the temple to worship and meditate. Pucak Tedung Temple also has a concrete monument which becomes a witness of history. This monument was built during the Dutch colonial period. At the top of the monument, there is a plate from China. But unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found now. 

The rice field view is also a reason to spend time relaxing in Sulangai Village. While watching the swaying paddy in the breeze, you can enjoy young coconuts freshly picked from trees. Your eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful scenery around, while the sweet and fresh coconut fill your mouth.

Agro-tourism is also an impressive offer. Sulangai Village is the largest producer of turmeric in Bali. That means, you can also enjoy turmeric farmer activities. Some of the turmeric that has been harvested will also be processed into brewed drinks. Other agro activities such as coffee, chili, vegetables are also the main attraction of this village. Including gemitir flower garden which is also interesting.

Batu Lantang Waterfall and Gong Waterfall are also located in Sulangai Village. The locations are so close, making it easier for visitors who want to enjoy both of the place. Well, the traditional game rides are also very exciting. The traditional game called Gebug Pillow is done at the edge of the rice fields. Two people will sit on a piece of bamboo, then hit each other and defend themselves. The one who falls into the mud is lost.

It’s very exciting to have a holiday in Bali. So, let’s plan a trip in Sulangai Village!