Enjoying The Blue Lagoon Beach From Bukit Pemleting, Karangasem

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  • Desa Sibetan, Kecamatan Bebandem


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Enjoying The Blue Lagoon Beach From Bukit Pemleting, Karangasem.

Blue Lagoon is one of the white sandy beaches in Karangasem Regency. It feels so peaceful seeing the small waves of the blue ocean. The combination of calm water and cloud-covered horizons can be seen from afar. You can enjoy the panorama on a hill which is 20 kilometers from the beach.

Bukit Pemleting is in Sibetan Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency. Located in the eastern part of the island of Bali, making it possible for you who want to hunt sunrise. Hill with a height of 600 meters above sea level has cool air. Not only because it is located in a high place, but also because a lot of dense trees so much oxygen is produced in this place.

There is a rest area at this tourist location. The name board of the place, Bukit Pemleting, is also printed so large that visitors will easily find it. There is nothing praiseworthy except for the beautiful natural paintings. The green color of the trees, the bright and blue sky, are very amazing from a distance.

Sibetan Village has plantation potential. Landowners in this village plant salak. The yields from the plantations are famous among tourists because the taste is very sweet and delicious. Salak even often becomes a souvenir in Bali, especially this village. Every village road, on the right and left side, you’ll see salak trees. This village also can be an agro-tourism destination, where you can see the process of planting, fruiting, and harvesting salak. Various types of salak can be found. Approximately, there are 14 types of salak, including red salak, the most favored by foreign tourists. Well, after touring to Salak agro-tourism, there is also a wine tester made from salak. You can try it if you want. In fact, you can buy it for souvenirs.

Around Bukit Pemukuran, there are inns that are managed by local residents. The warm atmosphere of the house, the typical service of the Sibetan village community will make your vacation more special. Around the hill, there is a gazebo that can be used for relaxation. There are also food and snack stalls that also sell hot drinks to make your holiday perfect.

To get to Bukit Pemleting, there are several access roads. From Amlapura, it will take 30 minutes to reach Bukit. The asphalt road is sufficient to facilitate your trip. Although you have to pass through a winding road, your eyes will be refreshed by the view along the road. The distance you must take is almost the same if you start your journey from Tirtagangga Park. From this place it will cover a distance of 16 kilometers. Bukit Pemendah is very close to Yeh Labuh Waterfall. But because the road is steep, so you have to go around a 7 kilometer detour. The access road can be passed through by four-wheeled vehicles. So if you are on vacation with your whole family, you don't need to worry.