‘Harvesting’ The Excitement In The Rice Lumbung Area, Tegal Mengkeb Village

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  • Desa Tegal Mengkeb, Kecamatan Selamadeg


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‘Harvesting’ The Excitement In The Rice Lumbung Area, Tegal Mengkeb Village.

Tabanan is a district referred to as a rice barn in Bali. The majority of the population in Tabanan Regency is a farmer. Most of the land area is used for plantations, agriculture, and forests. So it is called a rice barn because Tabanan is one of the supporters of food needs in Bali.

One of the areas in Tabanan Regency is a tourist destination. There’s a village on the edge of the regency that has an amazing beauty beach, called Kelecung Beach. In Tegal Mengkeb Village, Selamadeg Subdistrict, Tabanan Regency, you can feel the atmosphere of art, culture, and agriculture.

In the village of Tegal Mangkep, there is the Ngoncang Tradition. Mashing rice using a mortar has become a tradition for women who live in agricultural areas. In Indonesia, pounding rice using mortar has also become a tradition in some areas. This tradition is carried out in areas where the majority of the population is farmers, especially during the rice harvest. Dimple itself is made of sturdy wood. Over one-meter long, the wooden stump was perforated in a section for the ground to pound. While the pestle, or tool that serves to pound also comes from wood.

The Ngoncang tradition in the village of Tegal Mengkep is carried out by five to ten people. Alu is beaten into a mortar so that they made noises. This is what makes the Ngoncang Tradition in Tegal Mangkep Village even more unique. When they pound the rice, they create a musical beat, so they work while humming to the sounds of the beat. The difference with other regions, in the village of Tegal Mangkep, Ngoncang Tradition is carried out during the Ngaben ceremony and Pecaruan when Nyepi Dredging.

Art and tradition are intertwined in this village. Not only the Ngoncang Tradition, but the dancing tradition is also a part of the community. In certain piodalan, dance art is performed in the temple.

Tegal Mangkep Village also has a natural beauty that can be enjoyed while relaxing, like on the edge of Kelecung Beach. The beach is still quiet, which is right for enjoying the atmosphere of the sunset. In addition to enjoying the sun to return to his palace, of course, you can enjoy the view of rice fields. Green terraced rice fields can refresh your eyes. While agrarian activities in rice fields can provide a little knowledge about agriculture. In Tabanan, there are still many people who run the subak irrigation system. If you stop by Tegal Mangkep Village, prepare your camera to photograph the activities of residents and enchanting landscape views.