Quiet Waves Of Klecung Beach Tabanan Will Accompany Your Vacation

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  • Jalan Pantai Kelating, Desa Tegal Mangkeb, Kecamatan Selemadeg Timur


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Quiet Waves Of Klecung Beach Tabanan Will Accompany Your Vacation.

For you who don't want a vacation in the middle of a crowd, you can try visiting Klecung Beach, Tabanan. This beach offers a calm atmosphere and beautiful panorama. Yes, this tourist attraction is still rarely known and visited by tourists. Although it is empty of visitors, there are luxury villas and resorts on the beach. Imagine, how nice would it be if you came and stayed at this beautiful beach!

Once you set foot on Klecung Beach, you will immediately be greeted by the sound of small waves and a stretch of clean black sand. The waves that adorn the beach are indeed very calm and aren’t too big. So, it’s suitable for you who want to have a holiday with children. You can swim and snorkel while enjoying the enchanting underwater scenery. Unfortunately, not many snorkeling equipment rentals are available at this place. So, you’d better bring your own equipment if you want to snorkel. 

Besides swimming and snorkeling, you can also just sit around or take a leisurely walk around the beach. The view of the blue sea, bordered by a stretch of black sand, is surrounded by lush green trees. There is also a small hill that you can visit to sit back and relaxed, enjoying the breeze while waiting for the sunset. 

For those who are interested in spending time in this place, you can come to Jalan Pantai Kelating, Tegal Mangkeb Village, East Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency. You don’t need to pay an entrance ticket to go to this beach. The facilities for tourists are also very adequate. Moreover, this beach is also close to Soka Beach which is already well-known as a vacation destination, both for local and foreign tourists. Also, as mentioned above, at Klecung Beach there are luxury villas and seaside resorts that you can make a choice place to stay overnight. 

Not only is a 'neighbor' for Soka Beach, but the location of Klecung Beach is also very close to Kelating Beach. So, you can also stop by there and set foot on two beaches in a day. To go to Kelating Beach, you have to drive for 10 minutes. Along the way, you will be accompanied by an area of green plantations owned by local residents who certainly have a charming panorama. We guarantee, your vacation at Klecung Beach will feel complete. So when you go home, your happiness level will increase.