The Landscape Of Beautiful Nature In Kemenuh Village

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  • Desa Kemenuh, Kecamatan Sukawati


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The Landscape Of Beautiful Nature In Kemenuh Village.

Bali Island has a number of traditional villages that have been opened as tourist attractions, Usually, some traditional villages offer historical tours, religious tourism, and cultural tourism for tourists, depending on the characteristics that stand out from each village. Well, recently the residents of the Kemenuh Indigenous Village in Sukawati Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency changed the surrounding area to attractive natural tourism.

Indigenous Village of Kemenuh

You can go to the Indigenous Village of Kemenuh for about an hour drive from Denpasar and about 30 minutes if you depart from downtown Gianyar. Surrounded by several famous tourist attractions such as Tegenungan Waterfall, Goa Gajah, and the Kemenuh Butterfly Garden, this beautiful place offers fresh, clear river water and shady forests. Yes, in the Indigenous Village of Kemenuh, you can visit the Petanu River. This Petanu River water flow originates from Tampak Siring and later flows to Tegenungan Waterfall.

Since the water stream is not too heavy, it is possible to swim and play water without fear of being carried away by the current. There are also booths to change your clothes and a special shower to rinse your body after bathing in the river. The unspoiled surroundings really bring a calm atmosphere, both to the body and soul. There was no roar of the vehicle's engine. What was heard was only the sweet chirping of birds and the scraping of leaves in the trees.

Not only rivers, the forests in the Indigenous Village of Kemenuh are also famous for the existence of long-tailed monkeys. After playing in the water, try walking a few meters to the forest to see the monkeys. Usually, these primates will come out of the nest in the morning and late afternoon.

There is a special way to summon a monkey, which is to hit a kentongan (wooden block) hanging on a tree trunk. The sound of the kentongan is like a sign that food has been prepared. But, since it is still classified as wild, these monkeys are a little sensitive to the arrival of humans. So you have to be careful and keep your distance. Don't forget to give them bananas to be friends with them.

Before heading to the Kemenuh Indigenous Village, you can buy bananas and nuts for your lunch. In addition, bananas and nuts can be useful for interacting with the monkeys around this traditional village. Before entering the village, you should prepare your own food and drinks, because there are no stalls around. Also, avoid using excess jewelry and carrying too much luggage and bags that have lots of straps. Because this can be a trigger for monkeys to pull it from you.