Feel The Calm Atmosphere At Karangasem Peselatan Beach

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  • Dusun Peselatan, Desa Laba Sari, Kecamatan Abang


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Feel The Calm Atmosphere At Karangasem Peselatan Beach.

Karangasem Regency is the easternmost on the island of Bali. The Regency is surrounded by 87 kilometers of coastline. The length of the coastline marks the potential of beach resorts in this district. From popular beaches such as Amed Beach, Tulamben Beach, Virgin Beach to quiet beaches like Peselatan Beach can be a place to spend your vacation time.

Quiet beaches like Peselatan Beach are located in Peselatan Hamlet, Labasari Village, Abang District with a distance of 20 kilometers from the district center, Amlapura. If you depart from Gianyar, it will take almost 2 hours to travel. Karangasem Regency is the place where the highest mountain on the island of Bali stands, Gunung Agung. From Peselatan Beach, there will also be a majestic natural view from Mount Agung.

There are three roads that will take you to the edge of Peselatan Beach. If you driving from the north, namely Jalan Kubu via Jalan Ida Wayan Bajra, then turn left when you find the first crossroad. The road looks quiet until you find a three-pronged road. The road that leads to the far right will take you to a villa which can be one of your accommodation options. The middle road will lead you to a stretch of beach with many djoekoengs anchored. Here, you can take out the camera and capture a traditional fishing boat. While the leftmost road will lead to a cliff that borders the water area. This place is often called the White Bias Peselatan Beach, because it is still located in the same hamlet.

The three plains that protrude and are called Peselatan Beach have black sand. Because the color tends to be dark, it does not mean that there is nothing special about this beach. The three locations of the beach have different views based on activity in each part. The northernmost beach or called Bias Putih Beach there is a place of worship for residents, Bias Putih Temple. Now, while in the southernmost coast, there is a salt field with the background of Mount Agung. This beach is often a place for selfies because it has an attractive view.

Karangasem Peselatan Beach is the place of choice when you want to enjoy tranquility. Since this tourist location rarely becomes a tourist destination, you can truly feel the beauty of nature without being disturbed by the crowd. If you stop by this beach, prepare your own food and drinks. There are no facilities, but the atmosphere can make you calm. The most important thing when traveling is to keep the environment clean. At least, don't leave your trash.