A Memorable Week in Bangli

Having a seven-day vacation in Bali is certainly fun. This time, let’s explore the Bangli Regency! The famous place in this regency is in Kintamani District. But, if you have at least a week vacation, you have a great opportunity to explore another tourist attractions besides Kintamani. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the itinerary below!.

Day 1

1. Kehen Temple

About 7 minutes from Penglipuran Village, you can stop briefly to Kehen Temple. This temple has beautiful building architecture, you know! It could also be used as a photo spot. One of the most favorite locations to take some pictures is on the stairs with beautiful carvings on the walls. Anyway, you have to climb 38 steps to get to the main temple. Since this is a place of worship, wear your best but polite OOTD!

2. Tirta Sudamala Temple

From Kehen Temple, it's time for you to visit Tirta Sudamala Temple. There are about eleven fountains there which are usually used by local residents for the procession of religious ceremonies. You can go down to the bathing pool and wash your head in the water that flows from the shower. Local people believe that this fountain is used to purify the soul and body before performing a ceremony.

3. Tibumana Waterfall

From Tirta Sudamala Temple, stop at the Tibumana Waterfall. The waterfall is clean and fresh, because there aren’t so many visitors yet. You can play water or sit while enjoying the cool air and beautiful waterfalls. Don't forget to take some pictures too!

Day 2

1. Puncak Penulisan Temple

Prepare to visit the Puncak Penulisan Temple, one of the oldest temples in Bali. When visiting, be sure to wear comfortable footwear, because you will climb 100 steps to get to the temple. Taking pictures in this temple is certainly very interesting because you can use the natural and amazing background: Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Besides photos, you can also see Hindu people performing worship. After that, you will continue the journey rather far and a little unique from the others.

2. Ulun Danu Batur Temple

From the Puncak Penulisan Temple, you can visit Ulun Danu Batur Temple. You can walk around to see nine different types of temple buildings in about 30 minutes. Balinese carvings that adorn the temple buildings can be your beautiful photo spots. Every now and then, you will see local residents come to worship. Be polite and don't disturb the ritual of worship. It's better to wear polite clothes when you come to the temple.

3. Lake Batur

Go down the mountain, you’ll find Lake Batur which is not far from the location. It will be in the direction of your return journey. Breathe in the cool air on this iconic lake and enjoy the incredible natural scenery. Definitely the best place to eat your lunch.

Day 3

1. Trunyan Village Cemetery

The Trunyan Village Cemetery is rather unique, because the bodies of the deceased were not buried. But, it was placed under the Taru Menyan tree on a separate small island in Trunyan Village. For those who like mystical things, this place is definitely fun. To get here, you can take a boat from the Kedisan pier or the Trunyan Village pier. When visiting, don't take and bring home any items that you find. In addition, try to speak and do things politely.

2. Dusun Kuning Waterfall

From the Trunyan Village Cemetery, end your trip by bathing in Dusun Kuning Waterfall. Fresh waterfalls can relieve your fatigue. If you plan to take a bath in a pond under a waterfall, don't forget to bring dry clothes. However, there is no available toilet or dressing room around the waterfall. But if you don’t bring any dry clothes, don’t worry. Only by dipping your feet in the water, you can relax you too!

Day 4

1. Luwak Coffee Farm

Start your fourth day by visiting the Luwak (mongoose) Coffee Farm. Luwak Coffee Farm provides land for mongoose breeding. This is where the best coffee is produced. You can see how the mongoose are taken care of. In addition, you can immediately taste the famous luwak coffee in this place. If you want to go around the place with a group, Luwak Coffee Farm also provides a package that you can take, you know. So you can choose how long you will be walking around the farm and trying the menu provided at the cafe there.

2. Penglipuran Village

In Penglipuran Village, you can see neat traditional Balinese houses. You’ll feel like home. The environment is clean and the atmosphere is calm. You can chat with the local community to increase your knowledge about the Balinese people. You can also take a walk in the bamboo forest in this village. In addition, there are also Village Temples with beautiful architecture. You can make this place as a photo spot. Travel for about an hour there, and you’ll be ready to continue your journey to Kehen Temple.

3. Pengibul Falls

Located in Apuan Village, Susut District, Bangli Regency. The road to the waterfall is already in good condition. Pengibul Waterfall has a spectacular view above a height of about 15 meters. Pengibul Waterfall is also used for religious ceremonies. So, because it is a sacred place, guard your words and thoughts. You should come before 16:00 WITA, because after that the waterfall will be closed for public.

Day 5

1. Penelokan Kintamani Tourism Village

You can see Kintamani from there. Penelokan Village is located at a height. The right place for you to start the first day of vacation with a breath of fresh air. While looking at Mount Batur and Lake Batur from a distance. Bring enough drinking water to avoid dehydration. From there, you will enjoy the gentle touch of the morning sun while looking at how Bangli lives in the morning.

2. Arabica Coffee Factory

Bangli is a district famous for coffee plantations, especially the Arabica Coffee. If you are a coffee lover, go to the Arabica Coffee Factory in Kintamani. This factory is actually a family business. They have created a beautiful place in the hills of Kintamani and are happy to share their harvest with guests. In addition, you can learn all things about coffee. Stop by for 45 minutes to tour the plantation, taste, or even bring coffee as a souvenir.

Day 6

1. Batur Geopark Museum

Let’s take a leisurely walk to the Batur Geopark Museum! You can see the geological structure of Mount Batur displayed interactively there. This museum is already equipped with advanced technology. So that the explanation of Mount Batur is made as interesting as possible. Being there for one hour is enough to add information about Mount Batur. Continue your journey to the Tibumana Falls. Buy snacks to eat during the trip because the distance is quite far.

2. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is quite unique. To enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, you have to go down a number of steps, then enter into a hollow cliff. The flow of water, Tukad Cepung Waterfall flows into this hollow cliff. So, the water that fell into this cliff seemed to fall from the sky. Yup, this is the most favorite photo background among visitors!

Day 7

1. Batur Hot Springs

You must be tired after the long journey of 6 day-vacation. So, now is the time for you to soak your feet in Batur Hot Springs. Don't forget to bring a change clothes and rinse equipment. Soak your body to relieve aches and pains. Hot water is very good for rheumatic and achy diseases. After that, you can taste the typical culinary Bangli, Mujair Nyat-Nyat before you go home.

2. The Bangli Typical Culinary, Mujair Nyat-Nyat

Mujair Nyat-Nyat is a traditional Kintamani food. While you are in Kintamani, you must definitely taste it! Imagine a plate of warm white rice with side dishes of tilapia fish. Then adroned with a tangy sauce on top. This sauce contains a mixture of ingredients such as onions, chilies, ginger, and several other herbs. Certainly, it’s very very delicious.