A Day to Remember in Gianyar Regency

Having a plan to visit Gianyar in just one day? No need to be confused where to visit. Gianyar has many interesting sights and almost all of them are attractions of art and culture. It is well known that Gianyar is an artist-producing region in Bali. No wonder, when you come here you will feel that Balinese art and culture are very attached to the local population. Well, below are some tourist attractions that you can visit in one day while in Gianyar.

Day 1

1. The Blanco Renaissance Museum

The Blanco Renaissance Museum can be your opening trip in Gianyar. In this art museum, you can see Don Antonio Blanco's various works of art such as paintings, collages, poetry illustrations, and Balinese female naked theme lithography. Feeling thirsty when walking around? Relax, there is a free drink provided by the museum. In addition, while going around to look at the artwork, do not miss to take picture against the architecture of the museum wall that is quite unique. Spend an hour here and then continue to hunt for artistic souvenirs at the Ubud Traditional Art Market.

2. Ubud Traditional Art Market

This place is a paradise for art crafts. You can buy a variety of Balinese souvenirs here. Of course, all is affordable. This market is open from 04:00 to 18:00. However, many visitors come to this market you should come in the morning.

3. Taman Saraswati Temple

This temple has a very fascinating architecture. There are beautiful parks and ponds filled with lotus plants that are commonly used as photo spots. The temple building which is dominated by brick red is also very stunning as a photo background. Driving around 30 minutes from this temple and get ready for lunch, Gianyar typical dish, Kedewatan Rice.

4. Nasi Kedewetan Culinary

Your delicious lunch menu is Kedewatan Rice. In one portion of Kedewatan Rice, you will get rice, shredded chicken, fishy eggs, sambal, fried peanuts, one twist satay, and boiled long beans. Of course, a portion of Nasi Kedewetan which is rich in side dishes can recharge your energy after a long journey. After full, prepare to continue satisfying your stomach by exploring Gianyar Night Market.

5. Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar Night Market is a favorite place for local and foreign tourists to sample Balinese food. Numerous kind of snacks to main course foods are sold here. If your stomach is still ready to accommodate food, try satay lilit and betutu chicken. Be sure to taste the traditional snacks that are sold here too. Spending the night while eating and telling stories with your travel buddy or the food vendors can be a beautiful memory to close your day in Gianyar.

A day in Gianyar has ended. Even though it's only one day of your trip here, you have already visited some iconic places. Hopefully, it will bring unforgettable holiday stories and don't forget to buy some unique Balinese souvenirs for your loved ones at home.